We have this camper that we bought in 2021. It’s basically one of the best things we did during this tricky year. So, after many camping adventures including a ten day round trip jaunt from Missouri to Oklahoma to Arkansas and back, it sits parked for the winter in our garage. Yes, the camper is small and yes, our garage is big. 

We’ve joked about how it’s just like an extension of our home adding an extra bedroom and bath, although I’m not sure an agent would see it exactly that way. We laughed about hosting my parents when they came to visit, offering them their very own luxury suite. Honestly, we would have given my parents our bedroom and stayed in the camper ourselves. 

After my husband suggested that I use it as a place to write, I started gathering everything I would need to set up my very own writing room in our little Casita. So, now I sit surrounded by a glass jar of pens and my favorite notepad, hand cream and lip gloss. Eucalyptus is streaming out of the diffuser and the back camper window is lined up perfectly with one of the garage windows giving me a perfect view of our backyard. 

Honestly, it’s magic. It’s quiet. There are no dirty dishes, laundry to fold, or housework to distract me. The internet connection is perfect. Even though my family knows my writing room exists, it takes them a while to remember and then find me. The only drawback is that when camping weather arrives and we’re ready to roll, I’ll have to find a new place to write, For now, I can imagine I am tucked away writing on the edge of a rocky canyon, in the middle of a snowy meadow, or on the sandy shores of the sea.

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