Jennifer is working to publish several pieces from her graduate thesis, “Finding the Magic in the Mundane: A Collection of Personal Essays.”

Please enjoy these published essays:

“The Beauty of Hands” published in Mum Life Stories

“Trusting a Teenager Takes Time” published in Her View From Home

“Keystone Street” published in Adelaide Literary Magazine

“I Will Always Be There When You Need Me, My Son” published in Her View From Home

“Peanut Butter and Parenting” published in Mum Life Stories

Life is hard and glorious. Most days we experience the ordinary daily grind that seems to be unremarkable; sandwiched in between are a handful of magnificent days that appear to be much more significant. This pattern of life has taught me that lovely happenings surround me every day, but in order to see clearly, I have to look for the magic in the mundane.

Jennifer Blanke